A pretty-darn cute recipe idea flashed across my screen the other day.  Some practically-perfect-looking flower-shaped S'mores Pie Pops!  Thanks for the idea, Debbie! So cute! Innovative! And...EASY!

I ACTUALLY, in a shocking turn of events, ALREADY had all the ingredients in the house! Including a pre-made pie crust.  I took that out of the freezer the other day and stuck it in the fridge to thaw, so that when the inspiration or the mood or the desperation struck, this daddy would be armed and ready!

So - today... lazy Saturday... nothing planned... Soccer was already over by 10am... and I thought "today's the day!"  I mean... it's hot and muggy in the house --I refuse to put the A/C back on, because, it's been so lovely and fall-ish out recently --why not turn the oven on and do a baking project?!?!

I'm a little crazy sometimes.   But my CREATIVE PURSUITS  WILL NOT BE STOPPED!
So... I try to interest my 5.5 year old... "Wanna make S'm…

Homemade Peanut-Free Nutter Butters! MMMmmmmm!


So... thanks to the Facebook, a recipe came my way for Homemade Nutter Butters.... WHA?!?!  Yes!  That sounds AMAZING!  We haven't had much peanut butter stuff in the past few years, because our son is allergic.  So common.  I know.  The kids eat "fake peanut butter" all the time, in the form of WOWBUTTER... we tried all sorts of other brands... but none of them took... they didn't like 'em.  We dads didn't really love any of the options... 

....but then we found WOWBUTTER... 

which is SO delicious and SO convincing that I kept reading and re-reading the label because I was CERTAIN I'd accidentally bought an ACTUAL peanut product.... I hadn't... but I digress....

       Here we go!

I just got back from a 5 mile run, and was SO pleased with myself that I decided to make these AMAZING-looking cookies I saw on the Facebook!

So... following this post at NoBiggie  I decided to make a version that works for my family!

The kids…